IT Security Services

It provides guidelines for improving Cyber Security and its dependencies on other security domains, such as information security, application security, network security and Internet security as the fundamental building blocks.

Large or small company need to have a security plan to protect information assets. By ensuring security of your information assets, you are protecting data which is also a value of your business.

IT Security Services is devoted to maintaining high standards in the protection of data assets and information. We at IRClass offer detail services such as Application Security, Network Security, Data Security, Server Security, and Database Security to help the Organizations reach and exceed in these objectives.


IT Security Services provides the framework for keeping your company at a considerable security level by estimating risks you face, how to minimize them and plan for you how to keep the program and your security practices up-to-date. Main reason to implement IT Security Services is that this process ensures that security is continuously adapting to your organization and the ever-changing IT environment we live in. It also helps in complying with one or more standards defined by external parties. Security awareness makes sure that all employees follow standard policy and know their responsibilities.


  • Prevent information breaches and avoid any financial losses
  • Protect data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Safeguard Business reputation
  • Maintain Standard Security policy
  • Implement standards defined by external parties
  • Benefits

  • Developing an effective security system for networks will give the organization a competitive edge
  • Shortcoming in software, system configuration settings and password weaknesses are reviewed and rectified.
  • Conduct preventative measures to protect Network Security
  • Identify human error such as the mistaken processing of information, unintended disposal of data or input errors.
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